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Surveyors Windsor

Whether you are buying, selling, subdividing or developing, there are a number of reasons you may need the services of a team of licensed surveyors. Windsor locals can count on Brian Watson Surveying for a range of services.

Our Services
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When do I need a Surveyor?
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    Feature Surveys For Unit Developments, New House Or Extension
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    Land And Building Subdivisions
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    Title Re-Establishment
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    AHD Flood Level Evaluation
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    Creation And Removal Of Easements/Covenants
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    Consolidation Of Titles
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From the everyday, to the unusual, since opening our business in 1998, we have handled a variety of different projects, and worked with councils throughout Melbourne’s suburbs.

Depending on circumstances, some surveys will need to be conducted and submitted together, while others will require the signature of a licensed surveyor before they can be considered as a legal document. When this is the case, it pays to contract a surveying team who can competently handle all aspects of the process.

Land Surveying and Title Re-establishment for Windsor

For all their questions on land surveying, Windsor locals can come to Brian Watson Surveying. Our skilled team of surveyors and administration staff will assist with your query and listen to your unique requirements.

There are a number of reasons you may need a title re-establishment. It may be part of the standard initial site survey for your subdivision application, along with a features and levels (contour) survey. It may be used to establish the title’s existing boundary prior to development work, and this will have important implications for the dimensions of the structure or extension that is to be built. A title re-establishment may also prove important when replacing a property’s boundary fencing, or when faced with a boundary dispute.

To find out more about title re-establishment, or any of our services, you can call today to talk to our surveyors. Windsor locals can phone 03 9572 3122 or fill out our online inquiry form outside of hours for a prompt response once we’re back in the office.

Areas We Serve Throughout Melbourne

We provide surveying services throughout Melbourne. Find out more by calling us on 03 9572 3122 today!

Here are just some of the areas we service.

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