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Surveyors Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Searching for experienced surveyors in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne to work on a subdivision for your private property or a features and levels (contour) survey for your business? Here at Brian Watson Surveying we provide a variety of services, including

Our Services
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When do I need a Surveyor?
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    Feature Surveys For Unit Developments, New House Or Extension
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    Land And Building Subdivisions
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    Title Re-Establishment
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    AHD Flood Level Evaluation
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    Creation And Removal Of Easements/Covenants
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    Consolidation Of Titles
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There are a variety of reasons you may need surveying and planning services, but one thing remains the same, you will always want detailed and accurate plans and documents compiled by an expert team.

Working throughout the Eastern Suburbs since 1998 has meant working with a variety of different considerations, and with different local councils. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in all the nuances of both surveying work and planning and permit processes. We strive to provide exceptional communication with you, the client, throughout the entire process.

Land Surveying and Title Re-establishment for the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

When you need expert services in land surveying in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, you can have confidence in the work of Brian Watson Surveying. Our team have vast experience in all areas, and can provide the advice you need to choose the best next steps for your project.

If you require a title re-establishment survey for any reason, then this is certainly something that we can help with. You may require a title re-establishment for a number of reasons. We ensure that it is carried out thoroughly, and meticulously.

Title re-establishment surveys may be conducted to clear up a boundary dispute between neighbours, or as a routine part of the subdivision process.

To find out more about the process of title re-establishment, talk to our surveyors. For the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne to continue growing and developing sustainably, a high-quality of surveying and planning work must be maintained. Here at Brian Watson Surveying we are committed to providing the very high standard of work that our clients require.

Areas We Serve Throughout Melbourne

We provide surveying services throughout Melbourne. Find out more by calling us on 03 9572 3122 today!

Here are just some of the areas we service.

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