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Are you searching for a team of experienced and conscientious surveyors near Malvern? Since 1998, Brian Watson Surveying has been serving the local community, and with premises in Malvern East, our friendly and reliable surveying team are just around the corner.

Our Services
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When do I need a Surveyor?
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    Feature Surveys For Unit Developments, New House Or Extension
  • Nd Ic2
    Land And Building Subdivisions
  • Nd Ic3
    Title Re-Establishment
  • Nd Ic4
    AHD Flood Level Evaluation
  • Nd Ic5
    Creation And Removal Of Easements/Covenants
  • Nd Ic6
    Consolidation Of Titles
Are you looking for a Licensed Land Surveyor in Melbourne?
Call 03 9572 3122 today to find out more.

We have built our reputation by listening closely to each client’s requirements, and by providing the accurate and detailed plans and documentation that helps the entire planning and submission process to run more smoothly.

Talk to us today about your requirements, and our team will work to give you the prompt and efficient solution that will help resolve any issues or get your next project underway as soon as possible.

Land Surveying and Subdivisions or Consolidations for Multiple Lots in Malvern

Architects, civil engineers, property owners, and draftspeople all rely on plans that are the result of accurate land surveying. Malvern locals can call on our team when making plans for their own property, or for a new development.

We also provide the groundwork for subdivision and consolidation plans. Both will follow a similar process. First, we will carry out the features and levels survey, and the title re-establishment that together comprise the initial site survey. Then we will prepare the plan of subdivision and town planning reports. We then submit all documentation to your local council, and handle the ongoing correspondence with the council and other relevant authorities. We will forward all pertinent documentation to you, and send the council certified documents to your conveyancer or solicitor, ready to be lodged so that the subdivision can be registered and the new subdivided titles issued.

To find out more about subdivision or consolidation, talk to our surveyors. Malvern locals can call us on 03 9572 3122 to learn more today.

Land Surveying and Subdivisions or Consolidations for Multiple Lots in Malvern

We provide surveying services throughout Melbourne. Find out more by calling us on 03 9572 3122 today!

Here are just some of the areas we service.
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