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When you are looking for surveyors near Kew, why not consider the local company with over two decades of experience. Since 1998, the team at Brian Watson Surveying have been providing surveying and planning services to clients throughout Melbourne’s suburbs.

Our Services
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When do I need a Surveyor?
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    Feature Surveys For Unit Developments, New House Or Extension
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    Land And Building Subdivisions
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    Title Re-Establishment
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    AHD Flood Level Evaluation
  • Nd Ic5
    Creation And Removal Of Easements/Covenants
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    Consolidation Of Titles
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We are able to streamline the subdivision submission and permit process through the new online application system used by many local councils.

By employing the latest in infrared data recording technology combined with CAD software, our team can create the hardcopy or digital format plans that you need.

Land Surveying and Development Permits for Kew

Do you need land surveying in Kew? Maybe you’ve found that you need a title re-establishment survey in addition to the documentation you have already submitted for planning approval? Or perhaps you are searching for the experienced surveyors who can compile and submit all the documentation you need, keeping you in the loop as they liaise with your local council to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

If you are planning developments for a single dwelling, then you will need a features and levels (contour) survey that covers all features within 9 metres of the site. If, however, you are making a town planning application for unit developments, then you will require neighbourhood and site description plans. This is a similar initial survey, but with a larger scope than a features survey.

Covering a larger area (generally covering the three surrounding properties either side and including those on the other side of the street) the neighbourhood and site description plans for development permits will ensure you have all the relevant documentation needed for your submission.

To enquire further regarding this, or any other type of plan available from our surveyors, Kew clients can call 03 9572 3122.

Areas We Serve Throughout Melbourne

We provide surveying services throughout Melbourne. Find out more by calling us on 03 9572 3122. today!

Here are just some of the areas we service.

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