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Creation & Removal Of Easements

Advice and assistance in the removal of an easement on your property.

Creation Removal Of Easements

The Survey

An easement is the right to use someone else’s property for a specific purpose e.g. drainage, carriageway. In some cases the easement can be removed from title if the dominant tenement (i.e. the party that has the right to use the easement) agrees to its removal. In some cases an easement can be removed if a party, by not exercising it’s right to use the easement over a prolonged period of time, loses it’s right to the easement.

Not all easements have assets (pipes, services) in them. If there is no asset, there is a possibility the easement can be removed

How Can We Help?

We will arrange for a survey party to visit the property and undertake a detailed survey of your title boundaries.

Following the field survey, a plan will be prepared in either digital format (CAD or PDF) or hard copy depending on your preference.

This plan will clearly show the relationship between your title boundaries and occupied boundaries. This plan, once signed by a Licensed Surveyor, is a legal document admissible in a Law Court.

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