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Feature and Level Survey

Features And Levels

The Survey

A contour, or features survey in Melbourne will include all buildings, their eave & ridge heights, window locations, significant trees, crossovers, kerbs and channel levels and visible services within 9 metres of the site and their location. The survey can also be connected to the Australian height datum (AHD) if required. If a site is in a 1% flood overlay, an AHD connection is mandatory.

How Can We Help?

We will arrange for a survey party to visit the property and undertake a feature and level survey of the site.

Following the field survey, a plan will be prepared in either digital format (CAD or PDF) or hardcopy depending on your preference.

This plan will detail all features and levels within nine (9) metres of the site.

Feature Surveys In Melbourne

You will need a features survey for your Melbourne property if you are planning on building or developing. The paperwork required may be different depending on your local council, but the need for a feature and level survey carried out by qualified surveyors will remain the same in any Victorian council.

Your architect or builder will be relying on an accurate and clear feature and levels survey so that they can plan and work efficiently. All site surveys must be accurate so that boundaries remain distinct, and to ensure that all structures are built in accordance with local regulations.

All going according to plan, you will never need to supply a survey as evidence in a legal dispute, but should you encounter issues with neighbours, VCAT or any other party, a detailed and accurate survey will prove invaluable.

With a skilled team of surveyors, Brian Watson Surveying can promise prompt responses for clients throughout Melbourne’s suburbs. This allows you to move on to the exciting stages of planning and developing, safe in the knowledge that a detailed features and levels survey has provided the information that you need. Our surveyors will provide clear communication and listen to your requirements for a digital or hardcopy plan, taking into account whether this will be required for council submission, builders’ or architects’ reference.

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