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Re-Establishment Survey Melbourne

To re-establish an existing boundary. This survey determines the location of your title relative to the existing fencing.

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The Purpose of a Re-Establishment Survey in Melbourne

Buildings may also be located with respect to title to establish exactly how much room exists between a building and title boundary if, say, you are extending to a boundary. The results are then shown on a plan of the re-establishment survey. Melbourne locals who are wondering whether this is the right option for their needs can contact the team at Brian Watson Surveying today.

Re-establishment surveys may be required when buying or selling (especially if this is an older or subdivided property). They may also be necessary when re-fencing along property boundaries, or building or developing structures close to the title boundary.

The Brian Watson Surveying team understands that no two re-establishment surveys will be exactly the same, which is why we tailor our work to suit the demands of the job at hand and ensure that our clients always receive a comprehensive service.

How Can We Help With Re-Establishment Surveys for Melbourne

We will arrange for a survey party to visit the property and undertake a detailed survey of your title boundaries.

Following the field survey, a plan will be prepared in either digital format (CAD or PDF) or hard copy depending on your preference. This plan will clearly show the relationship between your title boundaries and occupied boundaries. This plan, once signed by a LicensedLand Surveyor, is a legal document admissible in a Law Court.

For this reason, a re-establishment survey for Melbourne property owners is an essential step when facing boundary disputes. A boundary plan will help residents to establish their rights when fence lines or the proximity of structures to boundary lines is called into question.

Property boundaries can easily become blurred over time, as successive owners simply follow the apparent, rather than the actual title boundary lines. This can also happen when an easement exists on part of the land. This easement might take the form of a shared driveway. Or the property may even adjoin crown or council land.

Althoughsurveying and its relationship to various property laws is a process that many find difficult to understand, a re-establishment survey in Melbourne contexts really is as straightforward as it sounds, helping you to re-establish exactly where the boundaries of your title lie.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team will manage each stage of the title re-establishment survey process, ensuring our clients do not become confused or bogged down in the often dense language and terminology associated with it.

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