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Surveyors Cranbourne

Searching for a team of reliable surveyors? Cranbourne locals and property owners can call on the services of Brian Watson Surveying. We assist our clients with a range of plans, permits, and applications, including

Our Services
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When do I need a Surveyor?
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    Feature Surveys For Unit Developments, New House Or Extension
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    Land And Building Subdivisions
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    Title Re-Establishment
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    AHD Flood Level Evaluation
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    Creation And Removal Of Easements/Covenants
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    Consolidation Of Titles
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You may need a site survey to re-establish disputed boundaries, or to make sure of the title’s inclusions upon purchase or sale of a property. Many types of survey are designed to help architects and builders to make plans and constructions accurately, while an AHD flood level evaluation will let you know whether you can begin construction safely in your chosen area.

Land Surveying and Subdivisions or Consolidations in Cranbourne

Many of the services in land surveying that Cranbourne locals request will be closely intertwined. A subdivision, for example, will usually include a title re-establishment and features and levels survey.

Consolidations follow a similar process, however the entire process from start to finish is usually far more straightforward. Documentation must still be prepared and submitted to your local council in the same way, however the approval process is far less stringent when conducting a consolidation than a subdivision.

There are still certain steps that must be followed, and because these must be followed to the letter, the Brian Watson Surveying team can arrange and submit all the necessary documentation, liaising with the local council and planning bodies, and communicating with you throughout the process, so that you always know where you stand.

If they would like to find out more about subdivision, consolidation, or any of the other services provided by our surveyors, Cranbourne locals can call us on 03 9572 3122.

Areas We Serve Throughout Melbourne

We provide surveying services throughout Melbourne. Find out more by calling us on 03 9572 3122 today!

Here are just some of the areas we service

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