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Licensed Land Surveyors in Melbourne

At Brian Watson Surveying, we combine the latest infra-red data recording technology with CAD software, to enable us to provide information in either digital format and/or hard copy. We are registered with LandVictoria’s new online application system SPEAR, providing streamlined and efficient processing of subdivisions with participating councils.
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When Do I Need a Surveyor?
A Licensed Surveyor is the only personal legally entitled to undertake cadastral (title) surveys. You will require the services of a Licensed Surveyor if you need to:
  • Know where the title boundaries of a property are;
  • Build on or near a title boundary;
  • Claim title to land under adverse possession;
  • Re-align a title boundary;
  • Create or remove an easement;
  • Subdivide land or a unit development;
  • Consolidate titles.

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Brian Watson Surveying was established in Melbourne in 1988. We moved to Springvale in 1993 before finally moving to our current premises in Malvern East where we now employ a team of experienced professionals.

At Brian Watson Surveying, we have built a committed team. We focus on understanding the specific needs of our clients and provide a high level of personal service tailored to the requirements of each client.

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